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Tight schedule? Place your order on the go. Directly pick it up at the store and skip the line! Invite friends at your university campus to use CheaprEats and receive great discounts together. We make it faster, cheaper and more convenient than ever to order and eat food on campus.

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    Order meals on the go

    No more waiting. Order your food on the CheaprEats app, pickup when ready and skip long lines.

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    Earn and Share Discounts

    Earn loyalty points redeemable for discounts on future meals. Share these points with friends!

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    Your Favourite Places and More

    Order from your favourite restaurant or explore new ones from a specially curated list designed to help you find your next favourite one.

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    Payment Flexibility

    MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Apple Pay, Android Pay - We've got you covered! You can even pay at vendor location by cash.

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Browse through our wide range of vendors and dishes to find the ones that satisfy any cravings

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Available changes, extras of anything else, can be applied simply by clicking the pencil icon to make any dish perfect for you.

Step 3


Once all dishes are added into the basket, finish off the order by continuing to payment and confirming!