About Us

We Believe, in YOU

No Investors, Just Honest Hardworking People, Like You

We are bootstrapped, just like you, meaning our only focus is you, now & in the future

A Special Algorithm

We’ve developed from Social and Informational Network Theory the ultimate way to attract and engage with new customers directly to your business, how’s that for small 🙂

We already ready to serve, and have served

We have been around for the past 4 years serving University Vendors in the Toronto Region but due to the devasting effects of the pandemic we have relocated

Superior Customer Service

Our CEO will be on the ground ready to assist, becuase we want you to know that when your business is facing trouble, it’s our number one priority.

Creativity & Innovation

We believe there is so much more innovation left in the food space. We love building with our clients on features they need for their business now & tomorrow.