CheaprEats` Case Study

CheaprEats is built to provide vendors with a platform that offers higher operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and increased average cart sizes.

CheaprEats provides a bridge of communication between customers and vendors providing students with a fast and efficient delivery service for on the go, and allowing vendors to operate at a higher efficiency rate.



Easily track orders and customize pick up times with an easy and efficient system. CheaprEats rpovides a customizable sales terminal system that works to provide clear, simple communication between customers and vendors. With this, vendors are able to efficiently manage the speed and demand for orders.



Create a new type of customer loyalty and customer acquisition through CheaprEats' social loyalty program by maximizing the relationship between existing customers and their friends. CheaprEats provides vendors with a platform to customize daily or late-night special deals and offer exclusive discounts on certain menu items. With this simple system, businesses can boost customer acquisition and customers can receive loyalty benefits that will continue to bring them back.

Increase Average

Cart Size

Boost customers' average cart sizes through CheaprEats' recommendation section, in which cross-selling post-purchase occurs to sell additional items to match with existing orders. With the use of Flasah Sales through push notification services, this allows for a reduction in food waste and an increase in revenue.

"CheaprEats has helped me get more orders at UTSC with their social food app that has owners that care!" - Nasir Alhuttam, Owner of Nasir's Gourmet Hotdogs

Nasir's Gourmet Hotdogs switched to CheaprEats to boost customer acquisition and order sizes. Within a year of using CheaprEats, Nasir's Gourmet Hotdogs saw substantial increases in operational efficiency, average cart sizes as well as customer satisfaction.

Quantitative Analysis from Pre-CheaprEats (2018) to PostCheaprEats (2019)

Gain (+) / Loss (-)
Total Number of Orders Per Month
No Data Shared
N / A
Average Order Size
(+) 64.71%
Average Wait Time
6 Minutes
3 Seconds
(-) 99%
End of Day Food Waste
$18 - 24 Lost
$9 - 15 Lost
(-) 50%