Ethics and
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Clear Nutritional Info

We provide an in-depth research of all the nutritional information of our vendors.
This ensures that your consumers can make the best and healthiest
decisions as well as be informed about what’s in their meal!

Dietary and Allergy Restrictions

CheaprEats provides dietary warnings on all foods on our app so
that people with certain dietary restrictions are informed
throughout their ordering process!


Sustainable & Conscious Disposal

CheaprEats provides sustainability information regarding
food packaging and materials. Whether that coffee
cup or soupcontainer in your meal is
recyclable, be in the know!


No Vender Left Behind Policy

Businesses go through hard times, we understand. If your business is ever in the red
and on the verge of shutting down we provide you with the ability to use our
software for free for a few months to get you back on your feet!

Price Promise Guarantee

All the prices on our platform match your in stores pricing to
ensure your customers don’t develop negative
responses to your business!

Discount Matching Program

When you invest in your business with discounts,
we will match those investments up to a certain
amount to show our commitment to your growth and success!


Diversity and Inclusion

As a multicultural team, we strongly support diversity and inclusion throughout
everything we do, not just as our values in hiring processes.
We strive to acquire the best talent possible, to
provide you with the best technology that
isn’t biased against minorities!

Community Development Reimbursements

Do you donate to local charities or offer free meals at student events,
let us know and learn more about how you can giveback
to your community and be rewarded for it!

No Contracts or Lock-Ins

We don’t believe in high set-up fees or restrictive contracts that
lock your business into an unfavourably relationship and this is why
you can get started for free and leave at any time!