CheaprEats Press Kit 📷

Company Info

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable food options to university students all over Canada. We understand that in an increasingly-expensive society, cutting back on food expenses could potentially ease a student's financial pressure, allowing them to maintain a healthy balance between working and studying.

What is CheaprEats?

CheaprEats is a mobile ordering platform with a focus on operational efficiency across the board. With improved menu discovery, in app tipping and a more visual experience we offer business with increased revenue, happier employees and pleased customers. We also provide a large amount of free digital marketing through our social media outlets, on the ground strategies and contests which spill off into sales for your business!

Corporate Responsibility

At CheaprEats, we take corporate responsibility quite seriously! Here are a few of the ways we strive to do this.

Surfacing Nutritional Information

We provide an in-depth research of all the nutritional information of our vendors so that consumers can make the best and healthiest decisions as well as be informed about what's in their meal.

CheaprEats also provides dietary warnings on all foods on our app so that people with certain dietary restrictions are informed throughout their ordering process.

Promoting Sustainability

CheaprEats provides sustainability information regarding food packaging and materials. Whether that coffee cup or soup container in your meal is recyclable, be in the know!

No Vendor Left Behind Policy

In today's world, having a digital presence is a must but not every small business can afford one especially family owned business with low margins who are supporting the community. We provide special pricing just for these vendors to ensure strong development not just of their business but of the economic stability and growth of that community.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a multicultural team, we strongly support diversity and inclusion throughout everything we do, not just as our values in hiring processes. We strive to acquire the best talent possible, regardless of which walk of life you come from.


Download Assets contains all relevant asset files compressed into a .zip file. Design Guidelines contains more in-depth resources regarding brand usage, individual asset downloads, and logo do's and don'ts.