Are you the type of person always looking to level-up yourself?

Join our team and become CheaprEats Ambassador and gain hands-on experience as you learn, plan and execute real-world projects based on your interests.


CheaprEats is launching a unique type of Ambassador Program that not only will allow the Ambassadors to gain real life experience in the start-up arena but also some profits reflecting the hard work they've put in! Let's get rid of crappy Ambassador Programs where people work for free and enact a new level of respect for the Ambassadors helping the business grow.


You will be responsible for expanding CheaprEats to an entirely new campus. You will sell restaurants and launch them on our platform. To be successfull in this role, you'll need to be able to manage multiple projects at once, negotiate, and have a drive to win. You'll work closely with our Head of Sales to discover key insights and rollout campus expansion.

Overview of Role

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Highly motivated, persistent, and target driven
  • Relationship management skills

What You'll Do

  • Restaurant research, lead generation, acquisition
  • Restaurant sales and set up, logistics
  • Run operations and maintenance for restaurants
  • Design growth and launch plans for the fall

How to apply?

Send the CheaprEats team an email with the following information:

  • Email Title: "CE Ambassador Application - Your_Name"
  • Email Body: A paragraph explaining why you want to be a part of CheaprEats, your core values as a human being, what you want to get out of this (Experience, Money, Skills etc).
  • Email Footer: Links to Social Media (LinkedIn - Required, Facebook, Instagram etc) Linking your portfolio/Personal Website will be a major plus!
  • Email Attachments: Your updated resume


Start your new journey and learn skills that matter for you at CheaprEats. Send us your resume today!