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Customer FAQ

Questions you may have for and/or about us as a current or potential Customer.

  • Is Cheapreats Available in my area?

    CheaprEats is currently only available at University of Toronto, Scarborough. However, we are a growing company, signup for our newsletter to get notified when CheaprEats comes to your area.

  • Do I need a credit card or debit card to use CheaprEats?

    Yes, we require you to have a credit card or debit card before you can place any orders.

Vendor FAQ

Questions you may have for and/or about us as a current or potential vendor.

  • What's the CheaprEats ordering process?

    1. A customer will open the CheaprEats app on their mobile phone, browse your new visual menu, selects a meal, provides a tip and then prepays right from their phone!
    2. On the POS system your employees can choose to accept/cancel the order and in one click let the customer know when the food will be ready.
    3. Your employee after accepting the order will then proceed to complete the order and place it at the pickup station.
    4. The customer will at the corresponding pickup time, arrive at your store and collect their order.
  • How do I get the POS system?

    Our POS System can be used on the following devices or you can request a special tablet from us:

    • Any Mobile Phone (The Web + App Support Available)
    • Any Tablet Devices (The Web + App Support Available)
    • Your Computer (The Web)